Marianvale Blue

Since 2012, Marianvale Blue has prided itself on being Australia’s leading supplier of Murray Cod. Utilising innovative and responsible farming methods, our mission is to sustainably provide consumers worldwide with a delicious range of healthy and nutritious Murray Cod products. 


We are a family owned business that grew from humble beginnings, and we are not only proud of the premium products we produce, but of how we ethically produce them.


Our premium Murray Cod is trusted and chosen by leading restaurants, wholesalers and distributers throughout Australia and abroad.


Our Cod is delicious, healthy, versatile and sustainable.

Are you a seafood buyer?

Marianvale Blue reliably and consistently provides fresh, premium Murray Cod all-year round.

We are responsible and ethical growers, and you can rest assured that our product is traceable.

Our Murray Cod is hormone free and antibiotic free.