At Marianvale Blue, we respect the environment and are committed to minimising our environmental footprint.

Our innovative and integrated processes reduce our water requirements and overall footprint. The natural and clean water that our fish thrive in is first recycled and later irrigated onto farmland where it enriches the soil and benefits crops or pastures. This ensures that 100% of our water is recycled properly and not wasted.

Fish feed is another integral component of our business, and our Murray Cod have a lower than average feed conversion ratio. This means that they can grow without requiring as much feed, which minimises their consumption and impact. Unlike many other producers, we do not use antibiotics to grow our Murray Cod.


Murray Cod is currently a threatened species due to historical overfishing. We are proud to sustainably provide Murray Cod to the growing Australian and global population, without disturbing native wild Murray Cod habitats and populations.

Our farm has caused zero wildlife mortalities. 

Our fish are:

* Hormone free

* Antibiotic free

* Mercury free

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