Our integrated production process ensures that we can trace our Murray Cod products and their entire lifecycle.

This means that when you purchase a Marianvale Blue Murray Cod, you can rest assured that it was responsibly grown according to our ethical and sustainable practices. Our fish are provided the best quality environment in which to thrive, and their high quality feed is fully traceable.

This along with our general philosophy and approach leads to the impeccable quality of our premium Murray Cod, and is why we believe that they are the best fish in the world.

Through our selective breeding programme, our Murray Cod broodstock produce superior fingerlings that are then responsibly grown out to market size

Our juveniles are carefully monitored and raised in our state-of-the-art indoor Nursery

Our growout facilities and ponds provide the fish with the best environment for growth all year round

Our premium Murray Cod can be enjoyed whole, filleted or hot smoked.

Marianvale Blue works with leading seafood distributors and wholesalers who sell our premium Murray Cod all across Australia and overseas. We also transport live Murray Cod via our innovative in-house transport vehicles.